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Created to Create

Engineer I Artist I Designer

Welcome to my portfolio, where I proudly present my meticulously crafted projects as a UX researcher and designer. Explore the intricate details of each project, as I take you through my comprehensive thought process and methodology, unveiling the journey behind the final designs.

Case Studies

App | Sustainability | Transportation | Interaction Design

Capstone Project

Focused on showcasing the UX design process and the design thinking behind Ecoroute, a sustainable transportation app.


Website | Information Architecture | Content Manegement



Focused on illustrating the process behind building a new website for TIES, an organization  providing resources to support immigrants, highlighting my collaboration & key design decisions.

The Immigrant Education Society

App | Social Media | Interaction Design

This case study features the extensive User Research and UX Design processes to build this comprehensive app empowering content creators.


IOT | Senior Care | Pervasive Interaction

View the research, design & prototype behind this pioneering companion, fusing UX & robotics reimagining the landscape of elderly care.


 AR & VR | Multiple Projects

This page features all my work in Extended Reality with 2 AR projects and a VR project.

XR Projects

General Projects

App | Service Platfrom | Dashboard

This is a food delivery app which can be used to browse restaurants and order food.

Moodie Foodie

App | Service Platform | Accessibilty

This is an app for a meal delivery service for senior citizens. one of your services

Tapas Kitchen

Website | E-Commerce | Responsive

This is an online art store that showcases paintings, stickers, design services etc. 

The Dark Workshop

Website Redesign | UX Research | Usabilty Testing

Revitalizing Saide's Website: Enhancing user experience through comprehensive UX research & design improvements.

The Saide Project

Contextual Inquiry | Consulting

Team SOUL-utions conducted a UX research project for University of Michigan's IGR to organize their Google Drive.

The Google Drive Cleanup

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